Глушитель шума впуска RR "ACTIVE" Посмотреть полный размер

Глушитель шума впуска RR "NEW ACTIVE" KZ

KZ - KZ2

CIK/FIA Homologation: 005-SI-67



122,00 €

The filter cartridge used for the Active noise filter is made of polyester and it can be cleaned with solvents, gasoline and compressed air. 
This cartridge has a filtering of particles of more than 10µm (10 thousandths of a millimeter) and it is evaluated as the best compromise between air flow and air cleaning. 
10µm value allows also the filtering of the impurities produced from the front brake system: it is usually between 15µm and 30µm and it is know these impurities are very aggressive with the inside parts of the engine. 
The new cartridge has a reed barrier to modify the air flow and reduce the turbulence inside the airbox. 
The new inlet pipes have a better Venturi effect with a better performance. 
- CIK/FIA Homologation: 005-SI-67 Validity 2019-2021 
- Colour: Red Body, Black Tubes 
- Tubes: 30mm 
- Net Weight: 1350gr