Alpinestars K-MX 5 NRG Посмотреть полный размер

Alpinestars K-MX 5 NRG

Омологация: CIK FIA Level2


  • белый/зеленый/оранжевый
  • черный/желтый

198,80 €

Распродажа Распродажа!


284,00 €

K-MX 5 NRG Kart Suit

 The K-MX 5 NRG is a distinctive and aggressively styled suit guaranteed to get you noticed, especially when matched with shoes and gloves in the new NRG collection. Deriving many of its technical innovations from Alpinestars premium auto racing suits, the K-MX 5 NRG has strategically placed stretch zones and an advanced fully floating arm construction, offering exceptional mobility while driving.

Key Features:

* Complies with the CIK FIA Level 2 homologation standard.


* High performance nylon outer layer is engineered for superior durability and abrasion resistance.

* Mesh panels positioned on the shoulders, armpits and seat area provide excellent ventilation performance.

* Poly-mesh lining around the torso greatly enhances driving comfort.

Ergonomic fit

* Innovative fully floating arm is constructed from knit fabric for maximum flexibility around the shoulders while driving.

* Stretch inserts around the lumbar area enhance flexibility and help maintain the suit’s fit both in and out of the kart.


* Knitted wrist and ankle cuffs provide a snug fit and help prevent unwanted movement of the suit.

* Alpinestars Formula 1 style shoulder epaulettes.

* Adjustable collar and waist belt allows a customized fit.

* Two flat pockets offer a convenient storage option for those times away from the driving seat.

* Alpinestars iconic logo prominently displayed on chest.

* Suit features bold colorways and has been carefully designed to meticulously match other products in the NRG collection for a stylish ‘total look’.

  • Требования к экипировке.
    Экипировка Водителей (Пилотов) в соревнованиях по картингу -- 2014. Водители (Пилоты), во время любых тренировок и соревнований, должны использовать следующую спортивную экипировку:
  • Alpinestars NRG

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