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Манометр PRISMA

Цифровой манометр HIPREMA 4 - 5 BAR



180,50 €

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190,00 €

The Measurement Accuracy

Adjust and measure the tire pressure with a range of 5 BAR/72 PSI with high accuracy of 0,1% over the full scale. It has been designed for the Racing World where tire pressure is primary for the performance of the tires. With Hiprema 4 you measure the pressure without errors

We have re-engineered all Electronics and Mechanical parts with new features that make Hiprema 4 the digital tire pressure gauge more complete than the previous versions.

You can use it as a simple digital tire pressure gauge or by pressing MEM buttons you can save the COLD and HOT tire pressures. For each session you can save also :

  • Date and Time 
  • Air temperature
  • Difference between COLD and HOT tire pressures




The Hiprema 4 has an auto calibration function every time the device is switched on the internal microprocessor automatically performs the procedure so you can be sure of maximum accuracy time after time. The display is backlit and features an ambient light sensor to adjust the screen brightness accordingly for optimum viewing. A pressure shoot function automatically saves hot tyre pressures.


Pressure range 0-5 Bar / 72 PSI (Switchable between Bar and Psi)
Maximum error over the pressure range 0-5 Bar / 0-72 PSI of 0.1%.

How to use tire pressure gauge Hiprema 4 :

The Hiprema 4 digital tyre pressure gauge has 2 function modes:

- Normal mode
Allows pressures to be measured and adjusted without saving them.

- Memory mode
Saves both hot and cold pressures in sequence including the pressure differences.
This information can also be displayed at the same time along with time, date and ambient temperature.
The memory has enough capacity to save up to 50 sessions


Tire pressures saved on the Hiprema 4

Counterclockwise pressures rotation
Counterclockwise sense for saving tire pressures setup




Removable belt clip for Hiprema 4
Ambient light sensor for backlight display on the Hiprema 4
The thickness of the instrument is only 22 mm. You can carry it safely in your pocket or attach it to your belt with its clip.