OMP HANS® Посмотреть полный размер


размер М - шея 38/45.5 см

размер L - шея 45.5 и более


837,00 €

Цена снижена!


930,00 €

OMP distributes the Hans® device produced under license by Stand21

How to choose your Hans® Device To choose the appropriate size and model of Hans® device, it is necessary to measure your neck size and determine the angle of your seating position. The Hans® device is adaptable to any helmet with the FIA/Hans® homologation and approval (refer to the helmet section to determine which models comply with this homologation and may be used with the Hans® device). 
3 inclinations:

- 10°: very upright seating position (for example, Rally...).

- 20°: upright seating positions, for use in saloons, GT...

- 30°: semi-reclined seating position, for use in single seaters and prototypes. 

2 sizes:

- Medium: neck size between 38 and 45.5 cm (15"/18").

- Large: neck size over 45.5cm (over 18"). 
Includes the following equipment: 

- Hans® device which rests on the drivers shoulders.

- 2 adjustable tethers that connect to the helmet.
Please note: not for sale in USA and Canada.

HANS® Material: carbon fabric. Weight: 530/650 g depending on the model. Comply with FIA 8858-2002

SD01 - 10° inclination Size: M

SD06 - 20° inclination Size: M

SD07 - 20° inclination Size: L

SD10 - 30° inclination Size: M

SD11 - 30° inclination Size: L


Material: molded carbon fibre. Comply with FIA 8858-2002

SD06RA2 - Weight: 825 g., inclination 20° One Size: M/L

SD07RA2 - Weight: 900 g., inclination 20° One Size: L/XL

HANS® CLUB (NEW) Material: injected plastic. Weight: 950 g. Comply with FIA 8858-2002

SD06CS - inclination 20° Size: M/L

SD07CS - inclination 20° Size: L/XL
SD22 Padding kit head and shoulders Hans®. Sizes: S/M/L.
SD23 Straps for Hans® collars.


17" (SD10)

18" (SD01-SD06-SD11-SD06RA-SD06SP)

19" (SD07-SD07SP).


Hans OMP

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